Natural Remedy for Fever Blisters – Adjust Your Diet to Freeze the Advancement of the Fever Blister

Published: 25th February 2011
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A natural remedy for fever blisters is needed by many people that have to deal with these visible, sometimes fairly painful blisters. This wouldn’t be so necessary if the herpes virus were not so common a virus in the developed countries on the globe.

If you are one of the unfortunate members of society having to deal with cold sores, it is vital to keep the location washed and cleaned during an outbreak of the virus. It will assist a little with the appearance. Should people happen to accidentally touch the sore, with it being cleaned, you may avoid passing the virus towards others.

These easily visible sores appear in and around many areas of the face. They mostly show up around and on the lips, but they have been known to show up around the eyes, ears, and even the tips of the fingers.

The blisters come from the virus known as herpes simplex virus 1, and it usually affects areas above the waist. Therefore, this is not the herpes that is found below the waistline in the nether regions, and that is also known as herpes simplex virus 2.

Those with cold sores need to be very careful to not pass this contagious virus on to newborn babies, and this can really affect them negatively around the eyes. In the rarest of cases, the virus can lead to a partial paralyzing of some facial muscles, called Bell’s palsy. Other research has also shown that the virus can interfere with information transmitting from the brain to areas along the nervous system, and this leads to Alzheimer’s at an early age. In those with weak immune systems, like those with AIDS, the virus can lead to serious problems.

If sufferers were more aware of the warning signs of a blister coming, they could work to bring down the severity, if not eradicate the blister altogether. These warning signals aren't that obvious for some, so let's look over that point at this time.

Alkaline food has been shown to strengthen the immune system of the body, which improves its fight against disease. Immune systems that are not strong come about due to less healthy lifestyles, lower oxygen content in the body, a pH below 7, and numerous other factors. By working to maintain a higher pH within the body, a person will be less susceptible to viruses.

Therefore, an alkaline leaning sustenance with fewer low pH foods will be better for your body. Lower pH diets are quite helpful for the body sometimes. Orange juice would be one such food, which is high in vitamin C. Vegetables and fruits have multiple antioxidants and fiber, but more importantly minerals and vitamins. Many of those natural foods are lower pH types of sustenance. Taking in a lot of this positive thing will be a problem, leaving a weaker immune system.

It is difficult to get the recommended nutrients through food alone, so don’t be scared to try out supplements to help your needs. You can talk to a nutritionist to help you in designing a better diet to get all your needs. Striving for 75% of your daily calories to come from alkaline diet is actually a great natural remedy for fever blisters.

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